The SPRIM Health executive leadership team is rooted in clinical science, technology and business

Dr. Michael Shleifer

Chairman of the Board

Dr. Michael Shleifer has 20 years of experience in the healthcare sector (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Technology) and is also a board member of multiple startup companies.

Susan Dallabrida, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Susan Dallabrida has over 28 years of experience in clinical trials, digitization and innovations in clinical trials and is also a board member for Pulsenmore.

Thomas Fratacci

Chief Financial Officer

Thomas Fratacci has been the CFO for Kantar Added Value, SPRIM ventures and SPRIM Global Investments. He has managed or participated in several start-up projects in France & Asia, developing strong experience in business planning and modeling.


Jennifer Ralph

Global Director of Clinical Operations & Patient Engagement

Juan Manzola

Global Director of Quality & FMCG

Bianca Azevedo

Global Director of Stakeholder Engagement

June Tuller

Global Director of Digital Training

Matt Heidman

Global Director of Clinical Outcomes Optimization & FMCG Strategy

Danielle Nessem

Manager, SPRIM Australia

Christian Ostolaza

Head of Project Management

Carla Bartels

Head of Strategy & Regulatory Affairs

Gustavo Barradas

Head of Medical Marketing Operations

Luciana Azevedo

Head of Health Marketing Strategy & Engagement

Iara Veiga

Strategy Innovation & Customer Experience Manager

Pamela Villegas

Manager CRO Services

Gabriela Salazar

Patient Engagement Programs Manager

Antonieta Escobar

Quality & Market Insights Manager

Jessica Avila

FMCG Regulatory & Scientific Affairs Manager

Roberto Herrera

Head of Finance

Hartini Ismail

Human Resource Executive

Matt Dixon

Commercial Operations Manager