Consumer Health

SPRIM Health research shows that a leading factor driving purchasing behavior for consumer health products is scientific evidence to support a labeling claim. In fact, consumers report that the most important reason that they consider in making a purchasing decision is scientific evidence in the form of a clinical trial. These findings by SPRIM Health evidence that there is a changing landscape globally in what is motivating consumers to buy a particular health-related brand.

Years ago, it may not have been affordable or practical to conduct a clinical trial for consumer health-related products. However, with the implementation of decentralized clinical trials (DCTs) and hybrid designs for consumer health studies, now there is a solution to these long-standing issues. With digital methodologies patients can be recruited and enrolled in a study online, receive product and trial materials shipments to their homes, be trained on the study, complete ePRO assessments using an app on own smartphones, report potential AE’s, interact with a virtual clinical site team and receive their compensation digitally. These innovations in technology-enabled solutions allows timelines and trials to move much faster than traditional methodologies, provide better data quality, more complete data sets and certainty in efficacy and safety outcomes and a lower price point than traditional mechanisms. With these types of patient-centric, less burdensome trials, at SPRIM Health, we are seeing higher than industry average rates of retention, adherence and compliance.

Infant Nutrition

 SPRIM Health has considerable experience in infant nutrition strategy and clinical trials having conducted 14 site-based, hybrid and fully decentralized clinical trials. SPRIM Health leads the way in infant nutrition having received FDA approval for conducting a fully decentralized growth and tolerability study. At SPRIM Health, we frequently meet with the FDA on behalf of our clients, understand client needs as well as navigating regulatory requirements and have an extremely successful track record with obtaining FDA approvals.

SPRIM Health research has shown that caregivers strongly prefer to participate in decentralized clinical trials and that they do not want to go to traditional clinical sites. There is a better and proven way to conduct studies in infant nutrition. At SPRIM Health, our experience with the FDA, successful trial track record and understanding of caregiver preferences, enables us to effectively and creatively guide our clients on an accelerated path to market in infant nutrition.

SPRIM Health, while rooted in traditional clinical trials for over 22 years, has become a global leader in the transformation of trial designs and implementation to hybrids and DCTs. SPRIM Health clinical trial clients span from large global multinationals, to emerging leaders and start up’s. We have considerable experience across all therapeutic areas and our in-house experts have designed and implemented over 500 clinical trials. We are particularly adept at applying creative solutions that are uniquely tailored to our client’s needs.

We believe that quality is optimally delivered through the combination of clinical science and technology, understanding our clients pain points and knowing that it is essential to optimize the signal to noise ratio for efficacy and safety outcomes.

We have demonstrated that our DCT trial designs achieve an average of over 90% compliance and adherence and 88% retention. We believe this is a result of our multi-pronged approach. This approach includes: design simplification, patient training, a centralized clinical site team, patient engagement strategies and technology-facilitated prompts. With this approach, SPRIM Health reduces patient burden, optimizes data quality and accuracy and maximizes the amount of data collected.

We are scientists who believe that we can make a difference in the way that clinical trials are conducted and that we can effectively help our clients achieve their efficacy and safety endpoints with confidence every step of the way.