We accelerate your path to market, product expansion strategy, and build authority for your brand

FMCG Path-to-Market Strategy

Regulatory Analysis (Formulation and labeling compliance, Regulatory body submissions, Claim assessments)
Market Analysis and White Space Identification (Market sizing, Competitive landscaping, Consumer and HCP sensitivity analysis)
Acquisition & Partnership Identification (Technology landscaping, Market share and direction assessment)
Marketing Strategy and Collateral Development (Consumer and KOL/HCP engagement and communication, Communication channel utilization)
Distribution Strategy (Sales channel assessment)

Product Expansion Strategy

Geo-Expansion Foreign Market Assessment (Market sizing, Regulatory requirements, Stakeholder/influencer identification, Competitive landscape, Sales channel identification)
In-Market Product Repositioning Strategy (Technology landscaping for in-market product enhancement, Consumer and KOL/HCP product, and market insight evaluation, Competitive landscape)
Communication and Collateral Development (Development of new marketing collateral based on repositioning strategy)

Medical Marketing Intelligence Services

Brands are navigating an even more complex environment dealing with multiple channels and stakeholders.

SPRIM orchestrates meaningful and long-term connections among brands, health care providers, and consumers through our medical marketing intelligence services, design thinking approach, and digital technology.

We bring together all stakeholders to consolidate a communication strategy for synergy and optimization. Our objective is to build a more structured and consistent base for your brand to explore opportunities for communication and activation with these stakeholders. Our strategic engagement rule with the main stakeholders focuses on a transparent dialogue and relevant content.

Design Thinking Approach

Our Design Thinking approach define the main challenges of the Health Professionals and Consumers to better elaborate the Brand User Experience:

brings together all stakeholders ‘perceptions: HCP’s, Influencers and Consumers
develop a Medical and Consumer Journey, building clear reason to believe for brand differentiation and product launch.

Digital Technology

An omnichannel experience means that your brand not only has a presence across channels — but that all those experiences are integrated in a way that improves the end-to-end customer experience.

We design marketing strategies to integrate omnichannel, highly-segmented, and targeted online and offline tactics to drive engagement and accelerate enterprise growth.

    FMCG Marketing Engagement 4-Step Approach

    1. History & Diagnosis — A 360° approach on your brand
      • Market Environment
      • Challenges
      • Competition
      • Past marketing efforts
    2. Planning Strategies — Our Planning Strategies encompass
      • Risk Assessment
      • Panel Intelligence
      • Exploratory Surveys
      • Advisory Board
      • HCP Visits
      • Regulatory support
    3. Implementation — Once planning and strategies are complete, we’ll begin Program Development
      • Omni Channel Approach
      • Communication and Digital Strategy
      • HCP program engagement
    4. Data Reporting & Monitoring — We will track and report results
      • Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
      • Data to continuously refine your marketing efforts
      • Maximize your Return on Investment (ROI)

    FMCG Industries Served

    Food & Drink
    Functional Food & Drink
    Infant Food & Drink
    Over-the-Counter Drugs
    Dietary Supplements
    Cosmetics & Skin Care
    Personal Care Products
    Mass Market Devices