FMCG Quality Management

Your Strategic PartnerĀ in management
and continuous improvement of FMCG.

What do we do?

We understand the quality and food safety as central parts of your FMCG business strategy, where the orientation of their production processes synergized between different business areas, are a key success factor. We advise in the implementation and monitoring to ensure continuous improvement and productivity in your organization. 

Our services are focused on the generation of added value, with a multidisciplinary approach, and an integral part of the rest of the service units of the company. Management quality and safety is always in line with the corporate strategy.

We have the capabilities to provide services from small businesses that need fundamentals to large companies with international certifications that require verifying compliance with its quality & safety management systems or require a second part audit.

The services which we advise our clients are focused on 4 main areas:

Quality Management ConsultingĀ 

We have extensive experience in management systems, enabling us to advise from basic systems such as Good Manufacturing Practices or HACCP to different standards depending on your company requirements: ISO 9001: 2015; ISO 22000; ISO 14001: 2015, and FSCC 22000 among others.

Quality Audits

We design our audit protocols attached to the needs of our customers. In the development, always is considered trends in product and process management, depending on the market destination.

The technical skills of our auditors are evaluated and supervised by technical experts. Objectivity and impartiality are permanent.

Quality Product Analysis

For verification of product quality specifications, we stick to local or international standards depending on the product and target market. Studies are always practiced in accredited laboratories.

Thanks to this, we can offer our customers certainty in the results and reliability in the opinions of our experts.

Diagnosis + Definition of needs+ Prioritization + Strategic quality management.

Consumer market insights

We understand that the key to the success of the product is consumer preference, for that we design strategies according to the needs of our clients that allow us to examine the product or brand in comparison with its competition, to know the characteristics that explain the preference of the consumer and its areas of opportunity.


The SPRIM methodology starts with the assessment of your issue, which let us know the key points where your company needs support and what are the processes necessary to guide continuous improvement actions.

The set of defined needs, in all cases, requires prioritization based on specific objectives, time, and resources. This is our basis for a real program of strategic management (establishment or improvement).

Clinical Outcomes Optimization

Helping you get the most out of your clinical trail.